We would like to invite you to the 51st annual Jírovec’s Protozoological Days taking place in a natural setting of Svratka, Czech Republic, from 20-24 June 2022. The meeting is organized by the Protozoological section of the Czech Society for Parasitology in cooperation with the Charles University, and kindly supported by the International Society of Protistologists and our commercial partners. The venue is situated near the heart of the protected area Žďárské vrchy.

Jírovec’s Protozoological Days is a conference with a long tradition – organized since 1969. This conference is primarily focused on early-career protistologists, i.e. undergraduate students, Ph.D. candidates, and postdocs, with an accent on interaction with more experienced attendants. We have been seeing an increase in the number of participants as our scientific field grows steadily. The rich program of 51st Jírovec’s Protozoological Days will include lectures in various sections, such as Molecular Biology, Biodiversity, Phylogeny and Systematics, Cell Biology, and Biochemistry. Furthermore the conference program covers Poster session and two workshops: Demonstration of protists and Next-generation sequencing library preparation.

We wish you a pleasant and productive time in Svratka

Zoltán Füssy, Michaela Marcinčiková and Jitka Kučerová
The organizing committee